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Marcel Duchamp bought a common 1910s urinal and bottle holder and called it art. He was not immediately believed, but it was he who changed the understanding that the artist's idea can be conveyed in completely different ways, unusual before this method.

American Museum of Modern Art – MoMA

Why don’t we understand modern art? Believe me, people don’t invest in things that aren’t worthy of attention. The world’s first museum of contemporary art. Welcomes us with the contemporary design of a new building that opened its doors in 2004. It began as an initiative of the Rockefeller family in 1928 and is located near Rockefeller Center. Now the masterpieces are housed in a building specially designed by Japanese architect Yoshi Taniguchi, which itself is an undeniable masterpiece of modern art. For the uninitiated, the museum is difficult to grasp. My opinion, based on the impressions of tourists.

What will we see in the virtual tour?

 We start the exposition usually on the 5th floor, and then gradually move down. The top floor meets us with the well known and more or less understandable paintings by impressionists. There are “Starry Night” by Van Gogh and “Water Lilies” by C. Monet, “Dance” by Henri Matisse and “Girls of Avignon” by Picasso.  The 4th floor welcomes us with paintings by abstractionists, minimalists and pop art. Jean Miró, Pete Modrian, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Rothko. Performance art and “The Most Famous Unknown Artist,” as John Lennon called his wife. One of my favorites is our compatriot, Pavel Chelishchev. The third floor presents architecture, furniture and photography. Works by recognized architects – Gaudi, Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright. Not once in the exhibition were the works of the famous Arval Aalto, the great Finnish architect, who created the world’s best library, which is located in Vyborg. More modern paintings are on the second floor. In the gallery of artists we can see the work of our compatriot Ilya Kabakov. It is impossible to pass by the sculpture garden. Under the sky is “the entrance to the Paris Metro” by Guimard and my favorite metal masterpiece, the famous “Goat” by Picasso. Art is what I love and I share my love with you.

We appreciate your time

I want your Virtual Tour of the MOMA Museum to be interesting.  I will try to make art understandable and even somewhat beloved and add a huge amount of history to it. New York is one of the most interesting cities for online museum tours. I’ll take you through various museums: from ancient epochs history to nowadays cultural events.




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