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Let’s get acquainted. My name is Elena. I am an art historian and restorer.

I’ve loved museums since childhood. Exhibits steeped in history have always caused awe. While traveling around the world I realized that leaving a museum I had the impression of watching a movie in a foreign language. The impression remained, but the details were very fuzzy. I decided to fill in the blanks.  All the more since my life was directly related to the restoration of architectural monuments, interiors, furniture and other works of art.

Art is a mirror of history. The history of countries, continents, civilizations, customs and lifestyles of different peoples.

The revelation for me was the best museum in America and one of the best in the world – the Metropolitan. It is ideal for studying art. Combining my knowledge and experience as a tour guide, I developed a new scheme for my signature tours. I tell you not only about a particular painting, but also the historical background of the work. We don’t look at “funny pictures,” we learn about the historical period, mores, and customs that are mirrored in the painting or sculpture. I now have many New York museums in my collection, as well as tours of new, trendy contemporary artist galleries.  

You don’t have a lot of time and I appreciate that. My NYC Virtual Museum Tours project will help you get to know art from anywhere in the world, wherever you are. And you get to feel like an art connoisseur. 

And I’m very happy that my little outreach mission is useful and knowledgeable.

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